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Are you looking for clarity about your career?

Enroll in Accelerate!

Accelerate is a 6 week career course for women wanting to level up professionally.  It meets weekly and is taught live by Obenewa. Through Accelerate, you'll clarify your professional goals and develop the strategy, skills, and mindset to create the career you want with ease.

Interested?  Book your free discovery call today.


Wondering if Accelerate is right for you?


  • Are you at a transition point in your career and trying to figure out what’s next?

  • Do you know exactly where you want to go professionally, but you need a plan to get there?

  • Are you tired of working hard but not getting the results that you want?

  • Do you feel stuck?

  • Do you feel like procrastination, imposter syndrome, lack of confidence, and people-pleasing hold you back?

  • Are you struggling to make your career dreams a reality while balancing the rest of your life?



If you answered yes to any of these questions, Accelerate could help move you forward. 



During this course, you will:


  • Clarify your purpose and how to live it out professionally

  • Set career goals


  • Develop a career map to achieve your goals


  • Learn how to confidently and authentically communicate


  • Identify and work through the internal obstacles holding you back


  • Create strategies to deal with external obstacles and common issues in the workplace

  • Learn alongside a small group of incredible women



Interested in joining Accelerate and learning these proven strategies?  Book a free discovery call to find out if the course is right for you. Space is limited, so book your call today!



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What Others Say...

“I was able to use what I learned in Accelerate to in my career as an academic immediately.  Within a year of the course I was promoted, I was published in a book for the first time, presented at two international conferences, and was asked to join UN panel as an expert.  Accelerate is one of the best professional decisions I ever made.”




"I not only mapped my career path with a holistic, healthy approach (ie there will always be time for yoga), I did that within a safe community, learning from, sharing, and laughing with other ambitious women. In the year since, I have created the independent, empowered career I'd planned with Obenewa in Accelerate." 


Author, Writer, Content Creator

“After taking Accelerate, I was promoted and earned not one, but two bonuses in the same year! And I work in the non-profit industry so that’s almost unheard of.”


NPO Manager

“Within six months of Accelerate I had a new job at one of the country’s leading banks and doubled my salary.”


Portfolio Manager

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