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Want to create the career of your dreams?

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and to step fully into your purpose? 

If so, enroll in Pathfinder!

The idea of finding and living your purpose can be a daunting one, but with the right type of support, it can be a fun and fulfilling process.  If you’re ready to move beyond basic ideas of professional success and into a career of success and significance join Pathfinder, a 10 session individual coaching program designed to help you (re)discover and live out your purpose professionally.

Interested?  Book your free Discovery Call today.




  • Is the question of “what's next” regularly on your mind, even though you have a "good” job and have achieved some level of professional success?

  • Do you feel like you have untapped potential and that there’s “more” you can do and be?

  • Do you want to tackle the next stage of your career from a place of possibility and not fear?

  • Do you feel like you’ve been hiding and you want the courage to step out?

  • Are you worried you’ll have to make a trade-off between feeling fulfilled and finances?

  • Do you need a safe space to think aloud and to explore possibilities?

  • Do you have some sense of what your purpose is, and a vision for your life moving forward, but no plan to make that vision a reality?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, the Pathfinder Coaching Program has been designed specifically to support you in creating the career of your dreams. 

Through this program you will:

  • Define your goals for the next stage of your career based on your purpose;

  • Develop a strategy to achieve them;

  • Identify and overcome internal and external obstacles that you may encounter;

  • Begin to implement the action steps to make your vision a reality.


The Pathfinder Coaching Program is designed specifically to support you in creating the career of your dreams. Through Obenewa's holistic approach, she guides women through a process of (re)discovering their purpose and creating an implementation plan to live it out professionally. Why the focus on purpose?  Because when you know who you are, and what you can uniquely offer, your path becomes clearer.

Obenewa is no stranger to wondering what's next. Early in her career, she found herself wanting to make a change but wasn't sure how to go about it. At that point, she began developing tools and techniques to advance professionally.  Since then she's built a purpose-driven career that has impacted individuals and communities on both sides of the Atlantic.  Drawing on her coaching skills and 20 years of experience, Obenewa can support you as you build the career of your dreams.

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What Others Say...

"Obenewa really helped me step into a place of professional confidence that I've never known before. She asked all the right questions to help me realize how accomplished and successful I really am. Her style is very subtle and casual and you don't realize that you've had all the aha moments until you finish your session and reflect about the process. I would highly recommend Obenewa to anyone that needs career coaching. She's the business!"



Public Health

"There is so much I took away from this journey – it completely changed my life, my leadership, my relationship with my work and with the people I work with, and most importantly, who I am in my work. One of the most important moments for me in this journey was when I discovered who “I” am, through a really simple but powerful exercise of self-reflection.  I can’t explain how much this has helped me in directing my strategy for prioritising what I put my hands to, and how I anchor my thoughts about my life’s purpose."



"I came to Obenewa to find my voice – both personally and professionally, as I was keen to address long-standing issues of self-esteem and confidence, despite loving my work and surroundings. Obenewa provided the clarity and tools I needed to push through these challenges and I’ve been more confident and self-assured as a result."


NPO Executive

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