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Ready to Make Your Idea a Reality? Consider Vision Builder,
a 10 Session Coaching Program

Working one-on-one with international coach Obenewa Amponsah you'll create a strategy and implementation plan to bring your business, project, or idea to life.

Interested?  Book your free discovery call today.


Wondering if Vision Builder is right for you?


Are you someone who wants to:

  • Start a business?

  • Launch an organization?

  • Establish a new initiative?

  • Monetize your side hustle?

But, you’re stuck because:

  • You don’t know how or where to start;

  • You're unsure about your strategy and best practices;

  • Fear, impostor syndrome, or self-doubt are holding held you back; 

  • You’re not sure what resources you’ll need and if you can really commit;

  • It's hard to find time to make your dreams happen while balancing the rest of your life;

  • You need more support and a safe space to think out loud.

No matter what is standing in the way of you making your dream a reality, Obenewa can help you work through these issues to achieve your goal.  Interested in learning more?  Book your Discovery Call today.

"I feel like there is one word that describes my sessions with Obenewa; clarity. She has a way of helping people see themselves and their goals realistically with a level head as well as hope. It was time and money well spent. You won't be disappointed."

The Program

During biweekly coaching sessions, Obenewa will guide you through a proven process to make your vision a reality. At the end of the program, you’ll have:

  • Clarified and refined your concept;

  • Developed a vision and interim goals to guide you;

  • Defined your values;

  • Created a preliminary communication plan;

  • Mapped your ecosystem;

  • Identified your existing assets and how to leverage them;

  • Created a step-by-step action plan;

Identified internal and external obstacles as well as strategies to overcome them.

Why work with Obenewa?

Because she is no stranger to making ideas a reality. With a career that spans two decades and two continents, Obenewa has led and developed initiatives on both sides of the Atlantic. From launching Harvard University’s first multidisciplinary office in Africa; to serving on the leadership team that established the Steve Biko Center, a South African National Legacy Project; to taking her own business from an idea to serving clients internationally within a year; and developing numerous other programs, Obenewa has a proven track record of bringing ideas to life.  More than that, she can help you enjoy the process.

"I personally know how valuable it is to have the right team supporting you when you're trying to bring an idea to life. I also know that early in the process you usually are the team. Coaching can help to bridge the gap, creating a safe, judgement free zone to work out your ideas, to deal with fears, and to actually get things done."

Obenewa  Amponsah

If you’re ready to move beyond dreaming to doing, don't wait. Set up your Discovery Call today to see if Vision Builder is right for you. 

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