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Allow me to reintroduce myself....

Recently, I was talking to my 8 year old Goddaughter and she asked me what I do for work. Apparently, seeing videos of me had her thinking I was a newscaster🤭...I thought, "how cute," until a relative, who's much older than 8 😒 asked the same question. So clearly, I need to reintroduce myself 🤷🏾‍♀️

I'm Obenewa Amponsah, a coach, facilitator, and speaker. I'm a Ghanaian-American who (mostly) lives in Johannesburg, South Africa and I am about that Pan-African life! 🇬🇭 🇿🇦

Professionally, I have the privilege of:

*Helping women of color around the world transform their careers, enabling them to build lives they truly love, and to have the impact they want

*Designing and facilitating learning experiences that equip teams with the mindset and skills to learn, collaborate, and grow, creating work environments in which everyone can truly thrive.

*Speaking about social issues that most affect women and Black communities world wide, sparking the 'aha' moments that enable change in people's thoughts, words, and deeds.

When I'm not supporting my clients as they create change in their lives, organizations, and communities, I'm usually:

*Working (slowly👀) on my PhD in African Literature 📚

*Having long, lazy, lunches with my besties🥂

*Traveling (or waiting on my COVID 💉 so I can travel again )

*Because I'm about that auntie life, making cookies with my favorite tiny humans 👫🏾

I would love to get to know you all better. Leave me a comment and tell me about the amaaaazhing work that you do. 💜


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